Welcome to GrimWars


Minecraft PVP Survival Server.
Vanilla survival with a few twists, Dungeons, PVE, PVP-Arena and more! Custom plugins to bring you a unique multiplayer experience. Item based Emerald Economy, and server credits to use at shops in spawn. Featuring a random warp room [at spawn] to get you lost way out into the wilderness. You'll never run out of places to explore!

Come join us at GrimWars and make your mark!

Server Plugins

Unique and Epic Gear - Custom armor and weapons that add special abilities and buffs.
Arrow & Fireball Towers - Defend you base with structures that can take a beating instead of you.
Emerald Shops - Villager traders at spawn for trading materials and items.
Break Obsidian with TNT - Obsidian blocks can take 13 TNT blasts before breaking.
Homes and Teleports - Teleport home, or to a friend. (Multiple homes Available)
Advanced Redstone - Build redstone integrated circuits that do more than your average diode.
PVP Arena - Test out your PVP skills in one of several arenas, win prizes!
Anti Cheating Systems - Blocks common game cheats and glitches.

Overworld contains a border radius of 30,000 meters; Nether border radius is 3,700 meters.

Dedicated Server

Using Latest version of Spigot, running on fast, dedicated hardware to bring you the best experience.
Availability 24/7, Worldwide.